Welcome ATLAS source

Within many fields, such as medicine, biosciences, and cognitive science, there is a growing awareness of the need for transdisciplinary approaches. Likewise, engineering education and research needs to be supplemented by a fundamentally new way of addressing the multidimensional, complex problems that society faces today. Because of the nature of modern engineering systems, traditional disciplinary approaches have proven insufficient; as such, researchers and educators are operating beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries to explore complementary approaches. Products have become integrated engineering systems, and design and production requirements regularly traverse disciplinary boundaries. This requires input from multiple disciplines within engineering, as well as other disciplines outside of science and engineering, such as business, social sciences, medicine, etc. As the pace of development of new technical systems has continued to accelerate, the need has shifted from interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary design teams to transdisciplinary teams, trans-organizational and trans-national work.


The goal of the ATLAS is to foster and support transdisciplinary education and research that falls outside the realm of any traditional discipiline in Science and Engineering. Innovation often occurs at the nexus between disciplines at their frontiers and boundaries.


It is the vision of this Academy to be a catalyst for change, enabling the discovery of new approaches in education and research, that lead to alternative solutions for the increasingly complex problems that face civilization.


This non-profit corporation is organized for educational and scientific purposes and shall be dedicated to the study, understanding, and use of transdisciplinary education and research for the benefit of all people throughout the world. The Corporation will act as a forum for ideas, a center of knowledge and an exchange for information by extending the benefits of transdisciplinary education and research to all who seek to understand and apply it in accordance with the defining principals. Transdisciplinary education, research and training will be considered a primary process deserving special attention and effort on the part of the corporation. To create a successful communication and collaboration opportunities for research and education the corporation will emphasize on:

  1. Creating successful social media strategy,
  2. Utilizing learning technology,
  3. Enhancing transdisciplinary research through collaborative leadership, and         
  4. Emphasizing global ethic transdisciplinary entrepreneurship.