George Kozmetsky Endowment

 Dr. George Kozmetsky and Dr. Ertas celebrating TheATLAS George Kozmetsky Endowment (2002)
The George Kozmetsky Endowment (GKE), is exclusively owned by TheATLAS and managed by TheATLAS Board of Directors. Only the interest from the fund can be spent, not the principal that anchors the GKE.






The George Kozmetsky Endowment (GKE) committed its resources to the establishment of TheATLAS functions designed to promote collaborations in the transdisciplinary education, research,  and training in the United States and other parts of the world. The George Kozmetsky Endowment Values:

  • creative scientific discovery
  • innovative new models for education/research and long term commitment to the development of- transdiscipline

GKE Activities

The George Kozmetsky Endowment Fund will provide support:

For TheATLAS activities such as conferences, workshops, seminars, and study groups in which participants from industry, academia, and government gather to exchange ideas. For the transdisciplinary research and education:

  • to form transdisciplinary international programs
  • to design innovative curricula and/or free text books to be offered internationally
  • to initiate and enhance global educational programs and collaborative research
  • to provide for the international research fellows matching grants to perform research
  • to provide student scholarship
  • to develop fundamentals of transdisciplinary science and engineering that incorporate relevant cultural and social value factors

Contributions to GKE 

Contributions from Universities

  • Brunel University, Mechanical Engineering, United Kingdom
  • Texas Tech University, College of Engineering, Lubbock, Texas 
  • Chair of Data Processing Technology at the Fernuniversitaet, Germany
 Contributions from Institutions
  • Ambiencia Information Systems, Campinas, San Paulo, Brazil
  • NEC, Japan
  • Raytheon,Garland, Texas
  • Process Sciences Laboratory, Dallas, Texas
  • JPL, Pasadena,California
  • SDPS (Society for Design & Process Science)
 Contributions from Individuals
  • Dr. Bosheng Zhou
  • Dr. Atila Ertas
  • Mr. Stan Gatchel
  • Dr. David Gibson
  • Dr. T. T. Maxwell
  • Dr. T. J. Kozik
  • Dr. Vicki Rainey
  • Dr. Murat M. Tanik
  • Dr. Raymond T. Yeh