Application of Engineering Design Patterns to FEMA Emergency Response
System Engineering Requirements for the Professional Development Interface (PDI)
Contextualized Destination Prediction In Geographic Information Systems
Active Noise Cancellation for Military Ground Platforms
The Use of Pseudo-Color to Enhance Human-Perceivable Information Content in Airborne Infrared Imagery
Coordinate Systems Functionality Description And Applications
A Systems Architecture and Axiomatic Design of a Tactical Mobile Ad Hoc Wireless Network
Transdisciplinary System Development Lifecycle of an Insulin Delivery System
Legacy Interface Adapter Design Modeling
Transdisciplinary System Development Lifecycle and Management of an Object Oriented Application for the Management of a Systems Engineering Plan
Extremely Wide Field, Multi-Sensor, Electro-optical Vision Systems
Engineering the System of Systems
The Role of Modeling, Simulation and Early Demonstration in Maturing System Requirements
A Basic Understanding of Airborne Early Warning Radar
Introduction to Clutter and Clutter Suppression Algorithms for Target Recognition in Infrared Imaging Systems
Application of Biomorphic Principles in Data Center Operations
Fault Tolerant Systems and Adaptive Systems: An Exploration of Hardware and Software Fault Tolerance and Adaptability
Program Centric Solutions for Comprehensive Software Management to support Rapid Platform Integration
A System Design for the Dynamic Cognitive Mapping of Wiki Articles
Implementations of Scene Based Non-Uniformity Correction
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