Pilot eLog – A Study in Technical Management and Software Engineering
Thermal Effects on Alignment Stability of Electro Optical Systems
Intelligence Community Exchange (ICE) Implementation of an Auction for Resource Usage
Bid/Proposal Development Process Improvements using Six Sigma and Axiomatic Design
Commercial Off-The-Shelf Integration
Evaluation of Axiomatic Design for Design Reuse
A History of Terrain-Following Radar
Proportional Navigation (Principles / Applications / Modeling)
Applying Transdisciplinary Engineering to Home Inventory Systems
Space-Based Radar System Overview Using Axiomatic Design
Creating System of Systems Software: A Comparative Study of HLA and SOA
Theory of Electro-Optic Sensors – A Tutorial
Systems Engineering Cost Estimation: System-of-Systems
Sensor Technology and Emergency Response Systems
Prognostic Technology in Health Management Systems: An Investigation of Design Methods and Implementation Value
Developing a Corporate Algorithm Repository
Utilizing Open Source Software For Military Applications Soldier’s Personal Situation Display A Case Study of Rapid-Prototyping using Axiomatic Design and Component Oriented Software Engineering
Development of the Model Defined Product
An Exercise in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
Design and Deployment of a Wireless Sensor Network in a Battlefield Environment
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