The Ultimate Composter A Study in Axiomatic Design
Development of a Six Sigma Transceiver Design Tool
Development of a Six Sigma Transceiver Design Tool
Simulation and Gaming Techniques in Software Project Planning
Impacts of Automated Tasks in Software Upon Customer Security
A Framework for Automated Test of Signal Processing Systems
Reliability Growth Planning Under Performance Based Logistics
Application of Project Management Concepts to Individual Engineers (Essentials of Engineering Self Management)
Affordability Analysis of Network Centric Systems of Systems
COSYSMO – A Systems Engineering Cost Estimation Model
Integrated Logistics Support and Specialty Re-engineering into the 21 ST Century
Production Break Engineering Decision Making Process
Affects on Decision Making
Automated Crease Pattern Generation Applying Transdisciplinary Engineering to Software Design
Understanding the Effects of Histogram Processing On Sensitivity Characterizations of Infrared Imaging Systems
Adaptive Problem Tasking Tool
Testing as an Integral Part of a Product Life Cycle
Incorporating Diagnostics and Prognostics in New System Designs
Implementing a COTS System Design Using Raytheon IPDS and Axiomatic Design
An Electric Commuter Vehicle Design using FRAME and MATLAB
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